Vito's Minions are in Cleveland Ohio, USA.

We fight at Clark Fields, near the Steelyard and Tremont, off Quigley by the Cleveland Kennel.

We fight on Sunday afternoons at 4pm.


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Pennsic is the biggest medieval gathering in the world. About 11,000 people camp there, all in medieval garb and tents, and they almost all drink and wander around being medieval, having a blast. There's classes on medieval stuff, heraldry, dancing, drum circles, brew-tasting, medieval food, games, crafts, lots of merchants, and oh, yeah, a war. Look up Pennsic on Youtube, there's documentaries and battle footage. About 1500 fighters in armor all on the same field in the same battle. A week of that.

We camp at Villa Vino, W10 on the Roman Road, across from Springwood Forest. We have a gate that looks like Roman columns made of cheap lumber. We have a tent we call Rome, with couches in it. Stop by and have a seat. We'll feed you homemade sausages and homemade red wine. Vito makes it all, he's Italian.